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How to remove original car CD player from Mitsubishi Magna ES TL 2004

The original radio/CD player, a Clarion PE-2605K-A, in my Mitsubishi Magna TL 2004 stopped working sometime ago. I wanted to replace it with another head unit but I could not find the instructions on how to remove it from the console.

This weekend I stumbled up on a page with instructions to remove the OEM car stereo unit so I decided to give it a try. I thought I would take photos to document the steps as there are still quite a few Magna TL on the road and folks might want to upgrade or replace their car CD players.

This post is about removing the original Clarion radio/CD player. I’ll create another post on installing a new Sony digital media player, the DSX-A60BT.

This photo shows the original Clarion Car CD Player in the Mitsubishi Magna TL ES 2004:



1. Start by pulling up the cover that starts from the armrest and contains the cup holders.

Be careful to pull gently upward the area where the window switches are as you’ll need to unplug the wiring harness underneath.


Cover removed.

2. Pull the module underneath the climate control buttons


3. Pull the facade that houses the climate control buttons

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8 thoughts on “How to remove original car CD player from Mitsubishi Magna ES TL 2004”

  1. Hello i am having trouble fiding the firewall to run a power cable to the battery for my amp. Any suggestions?


  2. Awesome… Thanks so much. About to pull the v nice pioneer headset off the car before it goes to scrap next week. You’re instructions were just what I needed. Clear and photos too 😊

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